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Cui Zhiqiang Met Sifang Customers From Russia and Germany

发布时间:2015-03-19    作者:四方技术

On June 13th, Cui Zhiqiang, deputy director of Jinan high-tech development zone administration committee met Mr. Sergey, representative of Gazprom and Mr. Dahlke, person in charge of SMS-MEER project during their investigating visit in research center of Shandong Province Sifang Technical Development Co., Ltd(SDSF).

Cui Zhiqiang expressed his warm welcome to customers coming to Jinan high-tech development zone, and he would give full supports to their business cooperation with SDSF of high-tech zone enterprise. He introduced enabling environment of international cooperation in high-tech zone, praised especially the outstanding achievements at independent innovation and social development of SDSF, and he believed that there would be more chances for their cooperation in Jinan high-tech development zone like this.

As we know, the 9 sets of large-scale ERW welded pipe rolls manufactured by SDSF is the most critical accessories for the complete set of welded pipe equipment designed by SMS-MEER for Gazprom. As the remarkable Sino-Russian gas cooperation project started, SDSF took participated in equipment manufacturing for Gazprom gas pipeline. The independent innovated welded pipe roll replaced forging by casting highly recognized by international industry, can replace original high-level forged roll, has a very good perspective market. At present, the 9 sets of rolls are in well production, can be delivered in September. The production progress and products quality was highly praised by foreign customers.

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