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A Thousand of Pieces ERW Welding Pipe Rolls for A German Company Completion and Exporting Ceremony Was successfully Held

发布时间:2015-12-24    作者:四方技术


On Oct. 26th, the large number of orders ERW Welding Pipe Rolls For a German Company Completion and Exporting Ceremony was held in Shandong Sifang Jiyang manufacturing plant. Cui Zhiqiang, deputy director of Jinan high-tech industrial development zone administrative committee, Zhao Pei, vice president and secretary-general of the Chinese society for metals, Christian Salomon, the supervision engineer of the German company, as well as leaders and experts from China steel pipe and cold roll formed steel tooling industry technology innovation strategic alliance, attended the activity. It’s a witness of Shandong Sifang rolls going abroad and gain a preliminary results in exchange for international market with independent technology.

The German Company is world famous metallurgical equipment manufacturer, which has 200 history in developing researching designing and manufacturing metal processing machine and equipment. The 9 sets of ERW welding pipe rolls ordered by this company are accessories of the complete sets of welding pipe equipment designed for Gazprom, which will used for Russian gas pipeline transnational construction project.

ERW straight welded pipe roll has high demands for the performance of wear resistance, crack resistance, speedily chilling and heating resistance. Shandong Sifang initiated new process included new high chromium alloy material in series and intelligent control temperature process, near finished size casting process, and special heating treatment process; creating a “replaced forging by casting” steel pipe roll production era. The service life exceeds that of imported forging steel roll, is 2-3 times as long as domestic forging steel roll.

As the world first class metallurgical equipment manufacturer, the German Company has focused on the development and applying process of Sifang “new roll replaced forging by casting” technology. Started from cooperation on high nickel guide plate, the German company and Sifang continued expanding business and prompting cooperation. In 2013, they sent design, technology and quality experts to Sifang, to have a comprehensive study and evaluation of Shandong Sifang roll manufacturing technology level. After sending the finished products back to Gemany and measuring, analyzing, it’s consisted that Sifang new roll replaced forging by casting technology completely meet the technology requirements for German machine installing. Shandong Sifang rolls were listed at their directional purchasing products. The German company and Shandong Sifang established a strategic cooperative partnership of mutual trust.

In April 2014, the German company and Shandong Sifang signed a nine sets large-scale ERW welding pipe contract, including a thousand of parts. They has strict requirements for roll quality and duration, and sent a German supervision engineer to inspect and investigate during the whole process, issued certificate one by piece. The key process blank casting, finished less than 100 days, followed by heat treatment, fine-processing, meet the quality and progress requirements for the German company, all the work completed 30 days in advance. The first delivery 3 sets of rolls finished in 150 days with shipment, the second 3 sets exported in early October on schedule, the last delivery would be completed by the end of October.

At the completion ceremony, Yuan Houzhi, president of Shandong Province Sifang Technical Development Co., Ltd said proudly, Sifang innovated rolls have reached even exceeded high-level forging rolls represented by Europe and American manufacturers, have been identified by the world highest authority. The products enter the international market as “Created in China” “Shandong Band”, stands among world first-class tooling as a well-know national brand, fulfills the dream we exchange world market with independent technology.


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