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Rolls Manufactured by SDSF for Bhushan Steel Have Been Exported to India

发布时间:2016-05-31    作者:四方技术

Welded Pipe rolls manufactured bySDSF for Bhushan Steel Ltd had been delivered and exported smoothly, and beenshipped to India from Qingdao port on May 8, 2016.

India steel industry isdeveloping rapidly, the market potential is huge. India's steel productioncapacity will enter a phase of rapid development, which is an importantopportunity for us carrying out the "going out" strategy. SDSF paysgreat importance to develop India market, enhanced information exchange andproduct promotion, and achieved initial success.

Steel pipe roll productsmanufacturedby SDSF havebeen exported to India for many times via agents, and thecooperation with Bhushan is indirect cooperation. This is the first time fordirect cooperation between SDSF and India Bhushan steel company.

With the Quartet on a brand'sinfluence in the international market and constantly improve the Quartetcompany independent innovation "in casting and forging" steel rollerwith long service life and excellent value for money and a good reputation inthe market, more and more users watch, welcomed many "repeatcustomers". after the contract is signed, the Quartet company strictlycontrol quality and production period to ensure smooth delivery on time.

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